Door Knocking Dates

Date: 9/29
Time: 9am-12pm
Location: 230 Excelsior Avenue N, Annandale, MN

Date: 10/6
Time: 3-6pm
Location: 1310 29th Street SE, Buffalo, MN

Date: 10/7
Time: 3-7pm
Location: 1681 Bishop Avenue NW, Buffalo, MN

Date: 10/13
Time: 10am-1pm
Location: 100 Hunters Path, Annandale, MN

Date: 10/20
Time: TBD
Location: 1310 29th Street SE, Buffalo, MN

Date: 10/21
Time: 3-7pm
Location: 221 2nd St N, Delano, MN

Be A Door Knocking Volunteer

Grassroots organization and mobilization can be the deciding factor in any election and door knocking, in particular, is vital to provide our voters with information about the race. Door knocking efforts provide unique opportunities for one-on-one contact with my campaign that ads, direct mail or even large events simply can’t match.

Our campaign has come a long way, but there is still a lot of road ahead. Now is the time for us to push on and continue this incredible movement. We have many opportunities to volunteer and appreciate your desire to help us with door knocking. Please volunteer and help us win!