Ensuring Equal Rights for All

In a Democracy all people should feel that they are represented in our government. For women this means that at least 50% of our governing bodies should include women.

However, the Minnesota legislative body is not equally represented. Less than 30% of the Minnesota State Legislators are women.

In the US Legislative body it is even more bleak: Twenty-three women (17D, 6R) serve in the United States Senate in the 115th Congress. Of these 23, four are women of color. For more information on the number of women of color serving in the U.S. Senate. Read more.

For people with disabilities it is even more bleak. Although 600,000 individuals with disabilities live in Minnesota or about 11% of the population*, they most certainly do not make up 11% of the Legislature. Read more.

Our founding fathers had a vision for a society that was equal in its operation. Equality is an absolute necessity in a Democracy and one which we must fight for!