When Our Community is Strong and United so are We

When Our Community is Strong and United so are We

One month ago I registered to run for the House of Representative Seat in District 29A. Although I had thought of running for office in the past, and in fact I did run for School Board once, I had never seriously considered becoming a politician. Politicians just seem so, well, political.

It’s not that I didn’t want to work for the people and make a difference. In fact, for over twenty years I have sought to do good in our communities. It has always been important to me to make the world a better place, and to first do no harm. It is this measure I have used to judge whether or not a career move is right for me, much more so than a financial measure such as salary. This is why I have had a long career in the non-profit sector.

But last month I was asked to run for office, and I was very honored. People told me they believed in me and my ability to make change, so on June 1 I registered to run. This means I will spend a lot of energy and time running for office and if I am going to do that, I want to make sure that energy and time isn’t wasted. I want to make the time I am running for office, count as much as any time I might spend in office.

This is why my goal is to visit with individuals and groups in Wright County and to learn about the issues and concerns people have here in Wright County, not in the Twin Cities or the nation as a whole, but right here where we live. I will document these conversations on my webpage: Wright Voices. I invite you to join people I have already spoken to and add your concerns to this page. Or contact me and invite me out to have a dialogue with you about the issues we are facing.

As I gather more information, I will also work to identify ways we can address these issues so that we can act on them. My goal is to make a difference, not just get elected, because I believe that we must work together to solve problems. Only by uniting can we make our communities stronger. An analogy I sometimes think of is the honey bee. If you remove a bee from its hive it will die. It cannot live without its community. Humans are the same way. We love to think of ourselves as independent, and we do have many more choices than bees have, but we share with them the need for community. When our community is strong and united so are we.

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