Understanding the Census

Understanding the Census

The census is used to decide everything from how many representatives we have to how much money is distributed to each county.

Since 1790 the US government has conducted a census every ten years, with the goal of measuring the size and composition of our population. With 327 million people living here, this is an enormous task. It is, however, a very important one.

Census data provides information that the US uses to determine everything from the number of Congressional Representatives for each state to providing details for emergency response systems. The federal, state and local governments use these numbers to distribute funding for everything from highways to school lunch programs, but it isn’t just the government that uses these numbers. Non-profit’s use them to identify volunteers, businesses use them to understand the workforce and market potentials of a community and individuals use them to learn about their communities. It is one of the primary methods for understanding the needs and composition of the US. This is why the census is so important.

How Does the Census Work?

April 1 is officially census day, but forms will begin arriving in March 2020 and can be completed by mail or online. You can also respond by phone. For households that don’t complete the form by April, enumerators (census takers) will visit the home personally to do a count. The goal is to finish data collection by July 2020 and to publish limited data by December 31, 2020 and full sets of data by March 31, 2021. Additional reports will be release through September 2023.

The Census in Wright County

Join us to learn more about the census and how it will impact Wright County at the event Demystifying the 2020 Census in Wright County.

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