Vote Early in Minnesota!

Vote Early in Minnesota!

Voter turn out for mid-term elections (elections that do not include a Presidential election) can be as low as 50%. We need to change that by increasing drastically the number of people voting on November 6.

You can help get out the vote! Take the pledge to speak to 20 people in your life and encourage them to vote. You can do so here.

Another excellent opportunity is to help an elderly or disabled individual get to the voting polls by taking them to an early voting location.

In Minnesota we have the privilege of being able to vote early on any election. This makes voting in Minnesota exceptionally convenient. It is especially helpful for individuals who travel a lot or who have transportation issues in getting to the polls. As of Friday, September 21, Minnesotans can visit an early voting site and cast their ballot for the November 6th election date. This counts as their official vote (they are not able to then go out on November 6 and vote again).

According to the State of Minnesota elections website, all voters have at least one location in their county where they can vote early in person. In some places, there may be more than one location. Early voting closes at 5 pm the day before the election.

In Wright county individuals can vote early at:

  • The Wright County Government Center
    10 2nd St NW, Room 230
    Buffalo, MN 55413
    Click here for directions.

The cities of Buffalo and Delano also offer voting locations at the Buffalo City Center (click here for directions) and the Delano City Hall (click here for directions).

Another option for early voting is absentee ballot. To receive an absentee ballot by mail, you must send in a request by mail or fill out the form online. The state department will then mail you the ballot and you must return it by mail.

For more information visit: .

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