United not Divided

United not Divided

Most people do not believe in spreading hate and divisiveness. Most people want to live in peaceful, caring communities.

On Tuesday we were all witness to the depth of problems the Unites States is facing. Whatever your view of the debate, one thing seems to stand out. No one is happy with where we are at in this country.

This is why we are working so hard in Wright County to combat the atmosphere of anger and hate that has been building. So far we have made 3000 calls (10% connection rate), registered 100 or more people (Wright County Indivisible) and rallied dozens of volunteers. Our first goal is to get rid of leaders who are using angry rhetoric to help them gain power, but this isn’t all that needs to be done.

We need to show others in our community that not everyone agrees with messaging that breeds hate and divisiveness. We need to highlight that, in fact, most people support building diverse communities, investing in our public resources, funding our public schools, saving our environment, moving to clean, renewable energy, respecting a woman’s right to her body and so much more. That our discourse at the national level has been leading us to believe otherwise is a tragedy and, I believe, purposeful. It allows a small group of people to have all the power and it robs us of our ability to self-govern.

I want to fight for our democracy. This is why I am running office and why I spend much of my time volunteering to strengthen my community. I believe that part of self-governance is being involved and taking action. Some of us have the privilege to do that, some of us have the privilege to say no, all of us (for now) have the right to be involved.

For all of you who have taken action, big and small, to make a difference in our democracy. Thank you! Let us know if you want to be involved.

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