The United State Government

The United State Government

Self-governance is what has made the United States so strong. We have relied on our own innovation and not the demands of a dictator.

The United States was founded on the principles of individualism and self-governance. These are our core values; they spell out that ‘we the people’ are in control of how our government operates. If we are to be effective at self-governance, we need to understand our governing systems and pay attention to the work (not just the words) of our elected officials.

As I’ve traveled around Wright County, I’ve spoken to many people who are frustrated with our governing process. They feel as though the government is removed from their personal lives and that they have little impact on what it does. Yet, democracy is about individuals self-governing –having a collective voice in the government. Yes, there is always a balance between the individual and the community as a whole, but strong democracies lead to strong systems that support individuals. It is our governing processes that create our shared structures – like roads, public schools, water resources, parks and our utility grid that keeps our houses warm and lit. These are the products of community needs and they are the structures that help individuals thrive.

This is why I am committed to strengthening our communities and our democracy and helping individuals have an educated and informed voice in it.

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