How We Can Make a Difference in Wright County!

How We Can Make a Difference in Wright County!

From sewing masks to checking on the elderly, we can all make a difference right here in our community!

During this time of crisis, the people of Wright County and all across the state of Minnesota are stepping up and helping out! It is easy to focus on what is not working nationally, but ultimately, we live here, in Wright County. We can make a difference in the lives of people right here!

Ways to Get Involved!

Give Blood!

The red cross has an unprecedented shortage in blood due to blood drive cancellations. If you are healthy (free of any illness symptoms for a week) and meet the blood donation requirements, consider giving today! Go to to sign up.

Help Us Phone Call the Elderly

We are developing a phone banking list to reach out to our elderly neighbors here in Wright County. We need volunteers to help with the calls! The goal is to check in and make sure they have what they need.

Help Make Mask for Our Healthcare Workers

Sewers and others needed to make mask for the hospitals and eventually nursing homes and other facilities that might need them. You don’t have to sew, you can also help find supplies, deliver masks and assist with the logistics of this effort!

Start a Neighborhood Watch Group

Some neighborhoods have developed clever ways to stay in touch and to make sure the vulnerable are taken care of. One area has invited people to put green tags in their windows when all is well and red ones when they need help, others use Okay and Help.

Share Extra Supplies

Have some supplies you don’t need, like toilet paper, extra masks, diapers? Bring them to your local food shelf or a care facility in your area.

Share Your Ideas!

Now is the time for innovation. We want to hear your ideas. Send them to me at and I’ll send them out to all. Or even better volunteer to get involved in making a difference!

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