Wright County and Racism

Wright County and Racism

Living in a community that is 95% white allows us the luxury to not hear voices of color.

It was my pleasure to help launch an Anti-Racism initiative in Wright County this summer, in response to the killing of George Floyd. We had thought maybe ten or twenty people in Wright County would be interested.  Instead over 100 members joined.  It is overwhelming and amazing at the same time!

Thank you to all who joined, thank you to all who support our effort! Racism isn’t just something that happens in our metro areas, although it’s easy to think that because there are larger numbers of people of color there. In areas like Wright County, which is 95% white, the voices of people who are not white are stamped out. We just don’t hear them. And while we want to believe we are “not racist” we live inside of a place where we can surround ourselves with those who look like us. I realized this some time ago when I recognized I largely worked with people who were white like me. Most the people I see every day are white. I don’t have to face race, or ever talk about it or the racism of our country, because I can live somewhere where I don’t have to see it.

Living somewhere I don’t have to think about race, doesn’t make our country less racist. That’s what we have to realize. Just because we can live our lives not ever talking to more than one or two “people of color”, doesn’t mean we don’t live in a racist community. Sometimes it means our community is more racist and we are just hiding from it.

But mostly I believe the people of our community do not want to be racist. They don’t like the idea of hating someone just because they look different. They understand that we are all human, no matter the color of skin. That is how most people feel, what most people believe. I and the many people who have joined WCARA are proof that being in a largely white community doesn’t mean you have to accept racist ideology as a part of your lives. I hope you will join us. To learn more click here to watch oWrightCountyAnti-Racism@gmail.com.

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