Old Lives Matter!

Old Lives Matter!

Our elders do matter and this pandemic is especially hard on them, just as police violence is particular targeted at black lives.

I was talking to my daughter the other day and she commented about the statement “All Lives Matter”. She had just made that statement on Facebook and people were irritated with her. She was very defiant and said I don’t care what they say, all lives matter!

My daughter is a very caring person and truly believes all lives matter, and since she is not a black, indigenous or person of color she is confused by this statement because she hasn’t lived the life of a person of color. I think there are many caring white people who are similarly confused. So how to understand it? Let’s make it more real.

When the pandemic hit and affected people over sixty more than peope of other ages, there was some attempt to say – they are just old, so why should I have to change my life to keep them safe (think of teenagers partying on the beach), and we all objected. Because we know that “Old Lives Matter”. We needed to push back on those who wanted to ignore the impact on these old lives because we knew that our elders do matter and this pandemic is especially hard on them. We don’t want our grandparents or parents to die from this.

Now I say to people like my daughter who are white, just like the pandemic affecting the elderly, it is important to realize that police and state violence is especially targeted at black people. It is especially hard on them. They are the ones dying at higher percentages. They all know loved ones lost. Police violence isn’t targeted at white people, so it is easy for us to not want to interrupt our lives for it.  But I’m telling you, Black Lives Matter! And you should care.

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